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Saying Goodbye

When I signed up to do a cross-country ride, my only expectation was for an adventure.  Everything else—the family, the challenge, and the cause—was secondary.  I think we all came in that way a little bit, excited to ride and forgetful of whatever else was to come.  But, as I sit here without 29 other […]

The Best Nine

Sparks, Nevada Yesterday, we concluded the nine day stretch of riding we dubbed #bestnine. Over its length we crossed through half of Utah and almost all of Nevada, covering up to 800 miles. The desert was just as sparse and cruel as we thought it would be. Much of the time we wouldn’t see buildings […]

The Rockies and Utah

I literally left my blood, sweat, and tears in Colorado. The first day climbing, which was Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, was death. Shortly into the ride at about 9000 feet above sea level I started hyperventilating and got extremely lightheaded. The rest of the ride, which took us all the way […]

Into Colorado we go!

I’m going to try to keep this post short because I’m perpetually tired and dehydrated up here in the Rockies. Nebraska was pretty much the worst state ever: boring, windy, and stinking of manure and what smells like old beer. We were ecstatic to cross the border into Colorado. Our first full day in beautiful […]

Who wants to hear about Missouri and Kansas??

I didn’t, but now I think the Midwest is awesome. After my one day of riding in the van, I was more than ready for our 83 mile ride into Lawrence, Kansas. On the way, we stopped through Kansas City, Missouri (intuitive name, right?) for a rare lunch at Chipotle. It was incredible being in […]

Sitting in the van so it’s a good time to blog I guess

I’m currently riding in the van today for our ninety miler into Richmond, Missouri as a result of a little crash I had with a fellow rider. Now I have a charlie horse in my right quad. Anyways, I should be back on the road tomorrow but I thought I’d take the chance to blog […]

A little thing called donation magic

On BB, we have a little phenomenon that we call donation magic. The goal of it is to obtain everything from trip necessities like food and gas for the van to things for our own enjoyment, like ice cream and fireworks. I think the whole thing is pretty funny and interesting so I guess I’ll […]