The century (a ride of 100 miles or more) was a 116-mile ride from Huntington, West Virginia to Paris, Kentucky. We all expected the ride to be easy and flat because it was 116 miles, right? Wrong. There were a ton of hills and the last 30-40 miles had pretty much no flats. For me, the most difficult part was after second lunch: right after, there were a ton of hills and I felt like I had lost all energy. There’s something in the biking world called bonking where your body runs out of calories and such to consume, and the immediate sensation is a huge emotional crash–exhaustion, anger, confusion, etc. The only way to avoid it is constant consumption of food, which I thought I had done pretty well but right after lunch I was convinced I couldn’t make it. Thanks to an incredible teammate that dragged me up all those mountains, I somehow got a sort of runner’s high and the last 20 miles felt amazing. I know others had similar bonking experiences, but as long as you keep hydrated and eating there is never a problem. When I got to the YMCA that day, I almost cried out of excitement. We all felt so incredible and confident afterwards and we all had enough energy to swim in the pool the Y was generous enough to leave open for us. We were all able to leave by 7 am because we woke up abnormally early (five) and I got into the host site around 6.

The next day we had an easy ride into Louisville for our first of three days off that we’ll have over the course of the summer. A day off means we have no obligations to BB responsibilities and are free to roam as we wish. So obviously we slept in, then I got coffee and read until noon then took transportation downtown and looked around to different museums, got burgers, and watched a movie at the local theatre. Overall it was an awesome day and I’ve probably never felt so free of responsibility in my life. It felt like a three day weekend and it was awesome.

We’ll be riding through the Midwest now (we’re currently in Indiana). Can’t wait for some flat land! Or so they say…


Sunset in the pouring rain in Louisville


A little dog that came to hang out with us at lunch in the ride from Paris to Louisville


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  1. Xiaoqing Wu · · Reply

    you are a tough rider mom

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