First ride/impromptu swim/state line

Today was our absolute first real ride headed west! We started the day at 6 am with breakfast graciously prepared by our host, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Providence. Then we packed up and rode down to the Narragansett boat house and dipped our back wheels in the Atlantic, which complements dipping our front wheels in the Pacific when we reach California.

Right now we’re in Plainfield, Connecticut, which was a 38 mile ride away from Providence. We’re staying at another local Episcopal Church and showered at the town hall which apparently doubles as a town pool.
We rode through fairly rural areas with small towns with a lot of farms and ranches and houses that were spread far apart. There were a couple scary moments biking on the side of the freeway where a lot of trailers passed fairly closely without slowing down much. On the way we passed through Rhode Island to Connecticut!!!!! And we also found a small fishing lake that locals said was safe to swim in, so we cooled down in there.

The church we’re at now just had an awesome barbecue, and now we’re hanging out and painting the trailer. Pics to come!

Let me know if you guys want to hear about anything in particular, I’m not really sure what to talk about…






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