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Hello Interwebs!  It’s been a minute since my last update, so here’s the latest from your favorite New York-based Bike-and-Build-2013 WordPress blogger.

The Five Guys fundraiser raised a whopping $57!  Yes, a whole $57.  Now, before you pick up on my sarcasm, note that although I initially grimaced at the double-digit figure, I learned a lot of lessons from the process that were invaluable to this overall experience.  My first observation was that marketing is a real thing.  Successful marketing brings in numbers.  Okay marketing brings in moderately low numbers.  I learned the hard way—can you tell which of the two marketing paths I took?  Good thing I’m in business school, I guess that’s how you learn how to do these things.  The extent of my advertising was confined to a Facebook event that circulated mainly among my friends, along with a couple of local announcements in Stern and B&B NYC newsletters.  I guess it makes sense that if you don’t tell people about it, they won’t come.  My second observation is that Bike and Build really fosters such an amazing community—within minutes of sending out a message to B&B NYC currents and alumni, I received a number of personal emails back encouraging my efforts and “I think I’ll be craving a burger tomorrow” messages.  All tones of sarcasm and joking aside, this was one of the most heart-warming experiences of the entire process so far.  It’s hard to believe that people would care for your cause, and even harder to believe that others (including strangers) would go out of their way to help out a searching soul.  The fundraiser also fostered a  lot of support from my local NYU community, and I cannot be more grateful to everyone who attended the event, publicized the event (hello, Things Overheard at NYU), or donated and gave me a shout-out upon hearing of the event.  There isn’t enough time in the world to say all the sappy things I would like to, but in short: my track team is amazing, my coach ate a burger and fries for me and dragged along another Athletics employee (Hi Nick), my floor and RA are amazing, and all the individuals that gave me support on their own time (Alex Kocher are you reading this?) are  so so so incredible and deserve much more recognition than space and time permit.  Thank you all so so so much for giving me faith that I can complete this fundraising goal and making this possible.  I hope you enjoyed your food.  Also, Five Guys is such an awesome company for doing this fundraiser for me, and they could not have made my life any easier.  I had a contact with me the entire way, coordinating anything and everything with the LaGuardia Five Guys (thanks Allison)!

In other news, I still haven’t gotten on my bike yet and left the building for a number of reasons: biking in the city scares me and I don’t have a helmet, biking shoes, or clothes.  So…

Another requirement for Bike and Build, aside from spending a combined couple of days on your bike, is that you have to spend some time building houses.  I still have yet to complete that requirement.  Any ideas on where in NY to do so?  Or in the Bay Area?

Right now my fundraising is at $4090 out of the necessary $4500, not including the Five Guys check!  Thank you to everyone who has donated recently that hasn’t received a personal note yet—midterms and essays tend to be the bulk of my writing these days.  But my gratitude is infinite and thank-you notes will be coming to a mailbox near you!

Here’s proof of my Five Guys fundraiser.

Much love, everyone!  Let me know if you have any questions or comments or advice!  And, if you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to visit and select my name from the drop-down list.  XOXOImage




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  1. Xiaoqing Wu · · Reply

    Meimei,I Enjoyed reading your blog. We have construction work at home, seriously and I need your help. BTW how do you plan on raising the rest of the fund? LOVES Mom

    Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013 17:47:42 +0000 To:

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