A couple of notes and updates

1.  Burgers for Bike and Build.  The Five Guys Burgers fundraiser is officially happening!  It will be on March 7 @ the LaGuardia location (just north of Houston I believe) and they have kindly agreed to donate 20% of all profit I generate through customers that are with Bike and Build.  So, take ya belt off and eat up!  For more details, check out the Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/124832701030069/.

2.  Washington Square News.  Thanks to my main man Graham Rapier (here’s your shout-out G, love you), Washington Square News (NYU’s newspaper) has gotten wind of my mischief and wrote a feature on it.  Check out http://nyunews.com/2013/02/20/blog-8/ to read a little on my motivations for the blog and the trip!  A special thanks to Deborah Lubanga for helping spread the word on the cause 🙂

And finally, thank you to all my readers and donors thus far!  Honestly, your support has made this effort not only easier, but so much more meaningful.  Much love to everyone!

Don’t forget to visit bikeandbuild.org/donate if you haven’t already!

$3,605 down, $895 to go!  I can see the finish line!


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