This Summer’s Means of Transportation has Arrived!!!

I AM SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that my bike has arrived from bookoo, Bike and Build’s gear partnership.  Funds for the bike arise directly from my fundraising, and bikers are allowed to place orders for their bikes after they’ve raised $1,000.  I’ve never even touched a racing bike (or is it called a road bike? I don’t know.) but this bike, Giant-made, moves like butter.  I’ve never felt anything so simultaneously smooth and fast.  My wonderful suitemate and B&B alum Kate Weigel helped me put the entire thing together, and the whole time I was absolutely ecstatic about the process.  The company actually got the color of the bike wrong but I don’t care because the moment I opened the box, I knew this bike was the one.  Needless to say I am unbelievably excited for this trip and receiving this beautiful machine only makes me look forward to it more.  A huge thanks to all the donors who have made it possible thus far!  I am so fortunate to have your support.

On another note, $3,500 have been raised so far!  I only have $1,000 more to go!:) If you haven’t donated yet and would like to, visit  Thank you!!  Much love! -LydImage



  1. You’re doing it wrong – in the picture.

    1. That’s how I was taught to ride a bike… how were you taught?

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